7-Keto DHEA is Not Your Average Weight Loss Supplement


For most people, losing weight is a losing battle. Even if you do manage to lose some weight, if you can’t change everything about your life the weight seems to eventually come back. And it is so much easier to gain weight back than it is to lose the weight again. So as a mediocre solution, plenty of people turn to supplements, extreme diets, and medications to help them to lose weight – either temporarily or in the long term. 7-Keto DHEA is not like most weight loss “solutions”; it is a natural supplement that mimics the processes in your own body.

Extreme Dieting

Extreme diets never work. Why? Because to lose weight and keep the weight off with an extreme diet, you have to stay on the extreme diet. Most extreme diets are unhealthy and difficult to sustain, as well as expensive and impractical. Long term, permanent weight loss comes with dietary changes that are also long term and permanent. For example, if you cut out snacks, processed foods, fast food, and junk food from your routine, you would probably lose a little bit of weight. Those types of food are hard for the body to use as energy and end up getting stored as fat reserves.

When you take a natural supplement like 7-Keto, you are helping your body to store less fat, but you also have to stop putting so much fat into your body. The studies that Dr. Oz talked about on his show included people who were eating a healthy, low calorie diet at the same time as they got regular exercise. The folks who also took 7-Keto lost more weight faster than those who didn’t, but everyone was treating their body better.

Weight Loss Medication

Medications may work for some, but for the most part they are very hard on your entire body. Weight loss medications are meant for the dangerously obese and people who are so overweight that they cannot even get started down the road to better health. But there are many risks associated with taking weight loss medications, too. The risks of staying morbidly obese may outweigh the risk of medication, but for most people taking intense medications is not a realistic option.

Supplements vs. Medications

The difference between a weight loss medication and a weight loss supplement is not always clear. Either way, you’re probably taking some kind of pill or tablet, right? So what’s the big difference? Medications are highly regulated because they are made from chemicals and compounds that have side effects and may be dangerous. Medications are also often designed to change the way your body works. Supplements are usually meant to simply add something specific to your diet.

If your body no longer produces enough 7-Keto DHEA, you can supplement with store-bought 7-Keto DHEA. Just like when you don’t get enough Vitamin C in your diet, you take extra Vitamin C. 7-Keto is a natural supplement that helps your body to use up energy rather than store it as fat.

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