Extra TV to Air Story on Britney Spears Using Power Pops “Magic on a Stick” for Weight Loss


Millions will be watching the hit television show, “EXTRA” and learning about the Power Pops “magic on a stick” that is working for America’s girl, Britney Spears, and thousands of other consumers worldwide. TONIGHT, 22 million viewers will have the opportunity to listen to company owner and Power-Pop inventor, Michael Wenniger, share his “brainchild” with an audience that is ready to hear his message. Our simple and sweet solution is about to take the world by storm as it positively and dramatically changes the lives and lifestyles of people who use this tried- and -true product.

Tell all of your family and friends about this soon-to-be-released story on “EXTRA” that will tell the world how Britney Spears is on the come-back using our Power-Pops as the catalyst to help her rise to her personal and professional best!

Right now, go to the site www.extratv.com and click on the button at the top of the homepage titled, “When It’s On” to find out what time this blockbuster show will air in your local area. If you have the equipment, I also recommend that you record this show for future reference; it will be a powerful marketing tool to move your prospects off the mark and into our timely, second-to-none business venture.

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