Forskolin Information for Beginners


When looking at any new diet supplement, it helps to look online for basic information. Forskolin has been coming up in the news and on TV lately, as a great way to reduce belly fat. But what exactly does that mean? And will it work for anyone who wants to lose weight?

Forskolin is a natural product, sourced from the roots of a plant called Coleus forskohlii. It is said that the plant’s roots have been used for a long time to treat heart problems such as angina or heart disease, as well as breathing problems, like asthma.

In many ways, Forskolin seems like something of a wonder drug. Supplements can be taken orally to treat skin conditions, allergies, problems with the urinary tract or bladder infections, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), as well as for relief of painful menstrual periods and to improve the production of testosterone for men having sexual problems. Everything from obesity to eye problems like glaucoma seems to be somewhat treatable with Forskolin. Forskolin is even given for heart failure in the hospital, usually by IV.

While some studies have shown that taking Forskolin supplements can help with weight loss, there is still plenty to be done before scientists will verify that all these applications are truly effective. Nonetheless, the anecdotal evidence is significant and so far there have been no bad side effects, so herbal supplements present no danger and a good chance of having positive effects.

How Does Forskolin Work?

One reason why Forskolin is used to treat heart problems is that it seems to increase the heart rate and power of the heart beat. Naturally, for cases of heart failure this is the best possible effect. But even for other problems, increased blood flow is a significant benefit. For people with asthma, the widening of blood vessels allows more oxygen to be absorbed by the blood. Forskolin may effectively increase oxygen absorption, relieving an asthma attack.

But the most recent information about Forskolin hasn’t been about heart problems. In fact, recent study data have shown that Forskolin has critical metabolic effects, as well. Forskolin seems to interact with the way our bodies decide to store or to burn fat. We store a lot of extra fat in our fat cells, usually more than we actually need. The amount is regulated by metabolic processes. Forskolin changes the settings, so to speak, so that instead of storing fat, your body burns and uses fat as energy.

Warnings and Cautions

There are only a couple of situations when taking Forskolin may be risky. If you have thin blood that does not clot well, Forskolin may make the problem worse. Additionally, if you take blood thinners, you should not use Forskolin at the same time. Most people can safely take Forskolin for weight loss, but it is always a good idea to check with your doctor, just in case.

Forskolin has helped many people to lose weight safely and effectively, and it is an inexpensive product made from a healthy plant.

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