Eat Candy and Lose Weight? Hoodia Power Pops


People trying the hoodia power popsNeed to lose a few more pounds? The Power Pops segment aired on the Extra TV show last summer has drove tons of interest to this new weight loss fad. You can actually loss weight by licking on these hoodia based lollipops. It was stated that the bushman in South Africa for thousands of years would go on long hunting trips for food. So what did they do to controil thier hunger? They sucked on the Hoodia cactus plant, this would elimante their hunger pains so they could consitrate on thier hunting quest.

So the best way to take hoodia may be to do what the bushman do, suck on it with these convenient lollipops that come in 9 different flavors. So tho reduce your hunger cravings between meals, why not give these hoodia Power Pops a try. It think it will help you.

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Healthy Coffee, Tea and Hot Chocolate?


Just when you have been reading about all of the dangers of drinking to much caffeine and the bad effects on your health, a healthy choice now appears on the seen. It is Gano Excel’s healthy coffee. You may ask what makes this coffee different from all the rest we find in your local grocery store or coffee house? First of all, all of Gano Excel’s healthy coffees are loaded with an Asia herbs called ganoderma, which is the red reishi mushroom. This ganoderma extract contains 156 different anti-oxidants known for their abilities to drive out free radicals from within our bodies. Free radicals can damaged normal cells and change the DNA structure of the cell promoting many diseases to occur over time. They are obtained from all the pollution and chemicals that we are exposed to everyday in our normal lives.

Second reason is the Gano Excel’s ganocafe coffee uses a low acid coffee bean which has been organically grown in Brazil. It is naturally low in acid and caffeine. In fact, the caffeine levels are lower than most popular decaf coffee commonly available today. Have you ever got heartburn from drinking to much acid in normal coffee? It is a common side effect from companies using the cheaper robusto coffee bean, which is high in acid content. The arabica bean used in healthy coffee is much lower in acid content so you won;t get heartburn from drinking it and it taste better. In fact, you will love the taste of this coffee.

So why not change your bad coffee habit into a good health building habit today? For more information on Gano Excel coffee visit this link.

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